I was at my favorite place to read the   New York Times newspaper yesterday; enjoying my cappuccino – after a short bike ride and this story caught my eye because I saw a moribund image of many unhappy people.  This image was right before me in the newspaper.  

My nature these days is a happy and hopeful person.  I seek to teach other people how to be happy and enjoy every moment. 


I have learned some important strategies (to be happy and hopeful about the future) from a legendary classic self-help book.





This is the picture I saw.


These are caskets.  These are people preparing for their death (and they are not yet sick).  As far as I am aware; these people are healthy.

Source:  In an article in the new York times 102716 

Seeking New Zest for Life, Koreans Give Death a Try




Why prepare for your death when you are alive?


I wish to teach you strategies to be happy, healthy and hopeful.


Do not prepare for your death – be ready to live and be happy. 





According to this article:  after a lecture and video, participants sat beside coffins, above, and wrote their last testaments.  Then they sat inside the coffins waiting to be sealed within.  After 10 minutes in complete darkness, participants were let out. (1)


I’m claustrophobic: this process would not have worked for me.


I rather utilize a more erudite method to make me happy and search for methods to cause great hope in my life and anticipation for the future. 



This person seems in great agony and misery, but he is alive.  Why is he preparing for his own death?  If he applied the principle of living in day tight compartments he would have a smile on his face and great hope in his mind.  He may be spending his time preparing his bucket list.  He may also be spending time with his friends discussing dreams. 





If these people followed Willis H Carrier’s magic formula (of living in day tight compartments explained here: 




)  they would not have these sorrowful and awful, sad and depressing looks on their faces.  They would not be thinking about dying, but about eking out every ounce of pleasure and enjoyment of every moment here on earth. 


A grim-looking man dressed in a black robe, “the Envoy from the Other World,”  hammers the lids closed.  The participants are left encased in utter darkness for 10 minutes – which can feel like an eternity. 


:There was not a single ray of light coming in, and how I cried in the dark, suffocating coffin!” a recent participant wrote in a blog post


Jeong Yong-mun, the director of the Hyowon program, said 15,000 people had gone through mock funerals at the center since 2012.  The program is free. 


I would like to present a better method for you to be happy and prevent suicide here: 




I assure  that if you study the principle that made Willis H Carrier so happy and peaceful, focused and effective – you will the same.  You will not kill yourself.


If this does not work; I will give you your money back.  BTY – this information is free.  Respectfully, Brian Hayden Boyett 



1 Source:  In an article in the new York times 102716 

Seeking New Zest for Life, Koreans Give Death a Try





2  Author of this story: Brian Hayden Boyett BS